Missis Maple

Freelance Hobbyist Illustrator

Art Portfolio 2020-2021

Hello! My name is Missis Maple. I am a freelance / hobbyist illustrator based in the Philippines. I create illustrations of original and fan art content.
My main pen names can be found: MSM, Missis_Maple394 and Miss Maple.

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Please ask my social media DMs for payment methods, it must be discussed upon inquiries.

Concept / Character Designs Works

In this section, I design diverse character sheets based on their themes/motifs, stories and inspiration.

Concept / Character Designs Works

Illustration Works

In this section, I create simple ideas into a diverse artwork of my character sheets with the story.

Illustration artworks [2021]

Illustration artworks [2020]

Illustration artworks [2019]


I can draw:(˶′◡‵˶)
+ Original Characters (Females only)
+ Anime/Game characters from other existing media
+ Minimal Anthro/Furry (animal ears, tails, arms, legs etc.)
I cannot draw:(◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)
= Male characeter designs
= NSFW Content (Nude models included)
= NSFL Content (Gore)
= Heavy/Complex designs (eg. Mecha, fantasy armors, anthromorphic & overly old characters)
= Realism

Thank you for your support

Your support is much appreciated, and i hope you enjoy my artwork i've made for a joy.

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